Mistletoe & Wine Fragrance Oil


Mistletoe & Wine – fragrance & burning oil

Notes // Mistletoe, Woods, Garden Herbs, Mulled Wine

A Christmas blend of green mistletoe, precious woods, garden herb and tart mulled wine.

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To use in an oil burner, fill your burner with water, add 3 or 4 drops of oil into the water and light your tea light.
To refresh your potpourri it is easier to put it into a bag, add a few drops of oil and shake well.
To use in a lamp ring, drop a small amount of fragrance oil into the ring and place on a light bulb.
Put a few drops on cotton wool then place in your vacuum cleaner it gives out the aroma as you clean.
Sprinkle a few drops on your car air freshener.
Soak cotton wool and put into a small jar and punch holes in the lid, this can be placed in the car, wardrobe or any small area.


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